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Amanda the Adventurer

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What is Amanda the Adventurer

Amanda the Adventurer is a horror game in the style of a 90s cartoon in which players take on the role of Riley Park, who inherits Miss Kate's house after her death. While cleaning out the attic, Riley discovered some VHS tapes and an old TV. Curious, Riley inserted the first tape into the VCR. It is not a high-budget product at first glance. A little girl named Amanda and her close but shy friend, Wooly the Sheep star in it. While the episode seems adorable and simple on the surface, a feeling of unease begins to creep in when Riley realizes that Amanda and Wooly appear to be communicating directly through the TV screen. A feeling of stopping entered their heads, but Riley was fascinated by continuing to watch the VHS tapes. It seems like Amanda needs something, and Riley becomes passionate about finding out what that something is.

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