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Color pop 3D

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What is Color pop 3D

Color Pop Paint Game is a one-touch 3D game that is highly addictive. The goal of the game is for the player to toss the ball onto the dart. Each tap will have color paint on the petal, and the ball will bring color to design the flower disc. Of fact, tossing the ball is only part of the equation. You'll have to avoid the hazards that surround your dartboard. If you discharge colored balls at that obstacle by accident. The game will come to an end. It, like other games, progresses from easy to harder levels. This vibrant game will undoubtedly appeal to you. Not only that but the paintball game blasts balls with various paint colors at the darts in a safe and age-appropriate manner. It is available for play at any time.
Color pop 3D boasts appealing 3D graphics, both in terms of color and gameplay. Requires inventiveness and a keen sense of observation. Play it and rise to the top.

Make a splash of color with your painting. The game is more vibrant and creative in 3D. It is played by a large number of people who enjoy it. Let's play it right now; you won't be disappointed. 

Play it now!

How to play

To shoot coloured balls at the floral plate, press space or use the mouse.

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