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Doggo Clicker

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What is Doggo Clicker

A delightful clicker game that lets you click your adorable puppy is called Doggo Clicker. When you click him, his mood instantly improves. A home must be created, and there are two prestige levels as well. You may click your adorable puppy to lift his spirits in this game. You may dress up your dog with one of 21 different accessories or one of 50 possible improvements. Leveling up will allow you to advance more quickly and use your stat points. In addition, there are two prestige tiers and a residence that must be constructed. It is an interesting and captivating experience because to the objective-based gameplay. Dogge Clicker features particular goals that you must accomplish in order to advance in the game, unlike other clicker games where you just click on an item repeatedly. This ups the difficulty and enjoyment level of the game.

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