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Ducklings io

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What is Ducklings io

Ducklings io is a game belonging to the fascinating IO games series. The goal is to build a large family of ducks. Rescue the ducklings that are wandering around the area.
Go everywhere and bring them back to your home and build a nest.
The father duck is constantly going out to feed and find the chicks to come home.
A lot of danger and you need to be very careful.
The passing ships will drift you, lose the ducklings.
Many other families will take your children. Pay attention and quickly bring them back to the nest.
There is a locator to help you find the right direction back to the nest.

Tips: You can use clever skills to trick your opponent's ducks
The further you go, the more you will find

Vivid space for you to freely explore
Smooth games
Beautiful, vivid graphics
Free games on your smart devices

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