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Garten of Banban

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What is Garten of Banban

Fans of the macabre are cordially encouraged to take part in a brand-new experience. This is Garten of Banban which is a hot horror game that is welcomed by many people. Everything occurs at a daycare center where everyone vanishes. Nobody knows what happened here or why it was shut down after the catastrophe. But now you've returned to investigate the mysterious disappearance. Don't kid yourself into thinking it'll be simple. It's time to put your brain to work.

You only need to look in as many places as possible to find the clues. Several of them are very inaccessible without the usage of specialized drones. You may take it far and wide to see what's happening. One important caveat, though: you're not alone in this. Meet the mascots from the local kindergarten! Nonetheless, you don't seem to be too pleased with this meeting. Your foe is not pleased to see you and will do anything they can to throw a spanner in your plans. How can you prevent them so that you may accomplish your goal? In order to uncover all of the information, you will need to solve several riddles. An excellent jumpscare, greatly beloved by horror enthusiasts, will accompany this show. Have fun with it right now.

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