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Heroes Inc!

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What is Heroes Inc!

Heroes Inc! is a hot new action game for those who like superheroes and want to create their own superhero to go save the world.

You aspire to be a superhero and save the world from the evil forces that have shattered world peace and turned everyone's lives upside down. With Heroes Incorporated! Your favorite superhero character will be created by you. Combine the abilities of two heroes to create a new superhero with double the strength. You can give them wings, bows, or swords; the option is yours. You will be the one to control the way superheroes let them show all their available skills! Unlock their special abilities and watch them annihilate their foes! To make a single hero with special abilities, you'll simply need to combine two things. After that, you can improve them to boost your total numbers and combat tougher foes.

Gamers will use the laboratory to construct heroes with unique abilities in order to battle the uninvited invaders. In battle, each character is put to the test. Being effective against an army of cyborgs isn't always easy, so you'll need to keep learning new talents and exploring new possibilities.

Defeat your opponents now by leveling up your unique superheroes.

You can improve your superhero's abilities and equipment. You can also improve your headquarters so that you can mix more materials to create the most powerful heroes. Today, you can unlock a variety of fascinating heroes.

You can enhance your heroes by purchasing hero packs in addition to unlocking them. Each hero is assigned a different rarity, which impacts their total strength. The more damage a hero takes, the rarer it is! Now is the time to collect more cards and enhance your heroes to make them more powerful. 

You can also use this area to enhance your hero headquarters and add some wild elements. These are elements that you can mix and match to make your own hero. There are numerous stages in which you can enhance your hero to make it more powerful.

How to play

-The first is to create superheroes in a lab setting:
To make your favorite character, choose any two traits and then press start to make a hero.
-After that, you'll utilize this hero to battle the enemy army.

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