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IDLE: Balls In The Pit

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What is IDLE: Balls In The Pit

Idle Balls in the Pit is a game that lets you relax and have fun by dropping colorful balls into a pit. Make various balls that can be used to earn money as they roll around and fall into a pit. The ball pit's contents will eventually be utilised in boss fights. You can make and improve your balls by pointing and clicking. The More You Advance: The more powerful your balls are in boss fights, the more money you'll earn through bouncing and pitting. Make use of the siphon and shaker effects to rearrange things. To get some cash just clicking the green dollar sign. To view ball specifics, select the "i" button. Boss battle advice: -Upgrades are crucial -If you're convinced you can't beat the boss, retreating is the wisest option.

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