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Idle Tower Builder

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What is Idle Tower Builder

Idle Tower Builder is a great time-killer in which you get to design and construct your very own high-rise. You start with a small plot of land and a crane, and you have to place different types of blocks on top of each other to create a tower. The higher you go, the more money you earn and the more options you unlock. You can buy new blocks, upgrade your crane, hire workers, and even decorate your tower with various items. But be careful not to make your tower too unstable, or it might collapse!

Idle Tower Builder is a game for anyone who loves building and creativity. You can design your own unique tower and see how it compares to other players around the world. You can also challenge yourself with different modes and difficulties, such as time limits, block limits, or random blocks. Idle Tower Builder is a game that will keep you entertained for hours as you watch your tower grow and evolve.

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