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Jelly Battle

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What is Jelly Battle

Jelly Battle is the prettiest pet jelly puzzle game, is where you should start. In our jelly universe, you are responsible for the upkeep of a jelly pet. It's good news that it's adaptable to your preferences and can be made to appear the way you desire. Participate in PvP battles with your pet to get unique rewards. But take caution; war isn't as simple as it seems! You'll need to use your wits if you want to beat the Jellies at their own puzzle game. There are three extra skins that may be unlocked, as well as a pet system and forty different stages to go through with your pet in this game.

How to play

To have fun and take care of your jelly pet, click on the different interactions provided. The war mode is played in a similar fashion, except that you use clicks to move your jelly over the board and conquer additional tiles.

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