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Juice Production Tycoon

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What is Juice Production Tycoon

Juice Production Tycoon is a game in which the objective is to upgrade your fruit production line to increase production every hour. This is a clicker game in which you cut fruit to earn coins.
You have the opportunity to grow your fruit brand and increase your daily income.
The game's mechanics are based on idleness. Squeeze the fruit by clicking on it.

Your quick hand is a significant advantage.
When you have a large sum of money, upgrade your juicer or other tools that will assist you in earning money quickly, such as knives, staff, and delicious and high-quality fruits.
Then you can access the game's numerous levels. It also allows you to expand the production of a variety of other fruit products, such as jams.

The game is compatible with all modern browsers. It's completely free to play at any time and from any location.
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Good luck!

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