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Merge It

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What is Merge It

Merge It is a game of merging numbers based on squares. Having similar numbers close to each other is the ideal control. Click on that number to merge it. When you finish merging, new blocks with different numbers will fill in the blanks.
Numbers are connected horizontally or vertically.
The game has 10 levels for you to explore.
Connect intelligently to get the highest score.

Organize and plan ahead
Avoid getting stuck
A long chain is best
The game is limited to a 5x5 grid
Gather together so that the numbers are not isolated
Waiting for the opportunity to unlock
Increasing the value of the numbers is the biggest goal of the game. It requires you to think ahead of the moves.
For example, merging tiles with the number 3 horizontally or vertically will result in a 4, which will be filled with numbers other.

Simple game
You can skip annoying ads
Play for free on all your smart devices

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