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Planet Clicker 2

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What is Planet Clicker 2

Planet clicker 2 is an idle game inspired by space. You can expand your territory from earth to other planets. Your job is to tap on the planets to get back the energy lightning. Upgrade taps to get more energy lightning by collecting lots of energy lightning to level up new skills to get more energy lightning fast. You can play it anytime right in the browser. Planet clicker 2 is a game structured simply like other clicker games. Play it now to experience the feeling of comfort after stressful working or studying hours. What's new in Planet clicker 2:
- There are many interesting planets waiting for you to explore. In addition to the earth, there are planets in the solar system. You will find it very interesting to own other planets.
- Planets are composed simply. With many new level-up skills. Unlock skills to unlock planets faster.

How to play

Similar to other idle games. You just need to click on the planets to create energy lightning

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