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Sugar Cookie Battle

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What is Sugar Cookie Battle

You must have heard of the movie Squid game, Have you ever wanted to impersonate the characters in the Squid game to challenge yourself with sugar candy? The sugar cookie battle game is one of the most loved games in Movies. Based on its hotness, Sugar Cookie Battle Game is a candy-splitting game simulation game. Sugar cookies come in multiple shapes that can be a square, round, umbrella, or more complex shapes with a needle. Players will have to be very clever to use a needle to separate the border of the shape from the sugar cookie. If you can separate, you will successfully pass the stage. If the mistake is to break the candy, the game will be over

There are 143 pieces of sugar cookies equivalent to different difficulty levels from easy to difficult. Challenge your friends or family with different pictures to see who is the most skillful.

Play the sugar cookie battle game today. To officially transform into a part of the squid game, Turn into a real player. I guarantee it won't let you down

How to play

Separate the given shape from the sugar cookie

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