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TRZ Pop it

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What is TRZ Pop it

TRZ Pop it is a game familiar to all children in the world. You can clear your mind and kill time with this game.
No matter what age you are, you can be satisfied with the fun of playing the game. The game is free when you play it on your Samsung smartphone, iPad, iPhone, Android, PC.
Pop it in all different shapes. In this game, there are many images of animals or geometry in math.
To complete the level, you must pop all buttons. Quickly pop to get maximum scores
Hot game, don't forget to collect coins when completing the game. Explore many levels of the game.

3D graphics give you a realistic feeling when playing.
Harmonious colors are pleasing to the eye.

The pressure of studying or working makes you feel tired or depressed. A game will help you relieve yourself a lot.

How to play

Use a mouse

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