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Windy Slider

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What is Windy Slider

Start the race in the funny game Windy Slider online. Hold your umbrella and move forward.
Find motivation for your goals.
Weather and space are to your advantage. Color your path to accumulating energy to be able to go far.
Accumulate lots of points and upgrade your power.
The game objective is not only to reach the finish line. You can go further to double, triple or more your score.
The game has great colors and is an ideal space for you to relax comfortably.
Attention: control your speed when going through the turns
Practice gliding, speeding, and jumping skills.

The difficulty of each level of the game increases gradually. Do you want to conquer the highest position? Start now!

Smooth game
Free when you play anywhere
Leave a comment and share the game with everyone if you feel happy!

How to play

Tap a mouse

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