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Zoo tile - match puzzle game

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What is Zoo tile - match puzzle game

Complete a 3-Square Puzzle to make a zoo. Correct! All of this and more is the content of Zoo Tile. Are you a new visitor to this place? Try being a Tile Master and Zoo Tycoon for the first time! Welcome to Zoo Tile, where there are no design restrictions! Become a zoo tycoon! Create your pocket zoo scene, unlock animal decorations, build colorful facilities, choose the ideal decorations for your animal park, learn about new creatures, and satisfy your visitors. Zoo Tile will give you a beautiful zoo and lots of difficult 3-tile puzzles. Zoo Tile is both an idle game and a tile game. All in one game, create your own zoo paradise, customize the little San Diego Zoo for adorable animals, and solve tricky 3-tile puzzles! Matching tile game. Just click on three identical tiles to complete a problem, and earn coins, and additional creatures and constructions will be unlocked! After completing the main levels, there are always new quests to complete. 

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